Finley Stadium and the First Tennessee Pavilion, along with its partners, Chattanooga Athletics Department, Chattanooga Football Club and the Chattanooga Market are committed to reducing our environmental impact through “Pass it Forward.” Launched in 2015, this sustainability initiative is focused on being a community and industry leader in the promotion, education, and execution of increasing recycling, reducing hard waste, energy conservation, and implementing “green” best practices.

Yearly Energy Costs

Year +/- Chage
2014 5% Decrease
2015 25% Decrease

Energy Savings

  • With best practices and tracking help from the Electric Power Board (EPB), the Finley Stadium Complex has experienced significant reductions in energy costs.
  • Goal: With continuous investment, Finley seeks to reduce electrical consumption by 10% every year, while still providing a high level of service and comfort to our patrons.
  • 2016 energy saving projects include installation of LED lights, Occupancy Sensors in restrooms, and energy efficient HVAC controls.


Green Energy

  • In 2001, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), sponsored by TVA’s Green Power Switch, built 11 solar panel canopy structures, or arrays, that provide covering for the VIP parking lot at Finley Stadium, which produces 127,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That’s enough electricity to supply eight or nine typical Tennessee Valley homes or operate the Finley Stadium field lights for 90 football games.

Landfill Diversion Rate

2014 17%
2015 32%

Recycling/ Hard Waste Reduction

  • In 2015 “Pass it Forward,” a comprehensive recycling program, was created to increase recycling and awareness at all campus events with Republic Waste Services and Coca-Cola as key partners.
  • Goal: The Finley Stadium Complex seeks to increase our diversion rate by 10% yearly.


“Green” Best Practices

  • Finley continues to make strides in transitioning our materials and supplies to more environmentally friendly products, at both the food services and facilities level.
  • For example, in 2015 Finley Stadium chose EcoChemical as its field paint provider, whose commitment to waterborne formulations has earned them regional and national Environmental awards.